Why dark coffee is simpler in your stomach


Bay Area – Roasting espresso beans does not just impart bold, wealthy flavor. Additionally, it results in a compound that can help dial lower manufacture of stomach acidity, based on research presented on March 21 in the spring meeting from the American Chemical Society. The invention may explain why dark-roasted brews are gentler around the stomach than their lighter peers, and can lead to a brand new generation of tummy-friendly coffees.

sciencenewsDespite the fact that several research has found just one cup-a-day habit imparts health advantages for example decreased chance of weight problems, Alzheimer’s and cancer of the colon, many coffee enthusiasts drink decaffeinated or forgo the beverage altogether since it irritates the stomach or spurs acid reflux. Previous work recommended that coffee produced from steam-treated beans tamps lower this gastric distress, a finding related to ‘abnormal’ amounts of caffeine along with other compounds during these brews.

"But there’s no experimental or human data that states these compounds increase gastric acidity," stated Veronika Somoza from the College of Vienna, who presented the study.

Look around the science behind these gentler brews, Somoza and her colleagues used water and three other solvents to extract compounds from regular commercial coffee blends. Each solvent extracted another profile of compounds, including caffeine and N-methylpyridinium, a ringed compound that does not come in eco-friendly espresso beans but is produced within the roasting process. Stomach cells uncovered to every suite of compounds upped their acidity secretion, aside from cells uncovered towards the extract that contains NMP.

Resourse: https://wired.com/2010/03/why-dark-coffee-is-simpler-on-your-stomach/

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Passion & Reason: I drink coffee every morning at work on empty stomach and I don't have any of these problems !

peacefulheart: I stopped drinking coffee and soda when my doctor recommend it in my teens, and started drinking more water. The soda makes you bloated and the coffee is addictive and full of acid, it also blocks the absorption of minerals. Maybe people could off set the negative impact by eating very healthy things and exercising, but I prefer to create healthy habits. I love being healthy and feeling good.

Polish Strong: Matthew H smoking is never good for you and alcohol isn't particularly good for you either unless it's unfiltered alcohol and in moderation of course or if it's something like red wine.

Ken Bannister: I have 3 cups early every morning and have never had a problem in 77 years!

nefer khem: Ken Bannister. youre my inspiration !

Kristopher Sookma: I think some people are just intolerant to coffee. Not that the coffee itself is "bad" but some people just cant drink it without digestion issues.

integra: Holy fuck , can they make up their fuckin minds , is it good for you or not ?

Chris Metcalf: It depends on the way you use it.

uhavemooface: This is going to be the thing for years to come. They will never make up their mind and I don't really give a flying shit about it. I am still drinking my coffee.

Lou Seguin: The solution: Drink as much water as you can first thing in the morning. Not only it hydrates your body at the time that it needs it most, but it also relieves heart burns forever, even WITH a coffee right after. Been drinking a litre of water every morning for over 6 months, then coffee, then I only drink water until noon. Lost 15 pounds, heartburns are gone, bowel movement is improved and i've never felt so good. Intermittent fasting is amazing, just need to drink water thats all.