How to contact restaurant owners?

The base of customers and owners of a catering establishment is something without which a successful location, exclusive interior and delicious food do not matter. There will be no customers and interaction with the owners of other establishments – there will be no profit, which means that the restaurant or cafe will soon have to close.

How to collect the client base of the restaurant and the base of other restaurateurs?

In the digital age, the success of a business is determined by the ability of its owner to correctly collect and use information about his potential and real audience, as well as about his competitors. The modern market has all the necessary platforms for such actions. You can collect data, process it, use it in the service and marketing. One of the best services is Restaurant Email Lists.

Why add each restaurateur to the database? 

One of the main and very convenient tools for building loyal relationships with competitors and partners is personal acquaintance. You need to know each partner by sight and by name, and if you forgot someone, you can look into CRM and remember. Restaurant owners like to be remembered, addressed by their first name (and patronymic, if the person introduced themselves that way), remembered about their food and drink preferences, and even more so when doing business, strategies, and other similar things. A personalized approach makes the partnership experience more engaged and engaging, allowing the restaurateur to solve problems the way they choose.

Why does a catering establishment need a database of restaurant owners? 

1. Creating an image of your competitor/partner. Analyzing this database of catering establishments, it is possible to identify the habits, desires, and preferences of other restaurant owners, creating a general average portrait of a typical restaurateur. This information will clearly demonstrate what strategies and tactics to follow for the success of your business. 

2. Immersion in the views and approaches of other restaurateurs. By finding out which items on the menu of other catering establishments are the most popular, and which are often sold in conjunction with other items, you can significantly increase your own profit. For example, the most popular salad in a competitor’s restaurant is Caesar, and is most often sold in conjunction with a latte with cream. If you make a 10% discount on such a combo in your own restaurant, the total number of orders will increase to 20%.

3. Determination of points of growth. A well-compiled database of competitors and partners in the restaurant business makes it possible to determine growth points and find directions for expanding the business. For example, you can mark all visitors who come to a competitor’s restaurant or cafe to work or hold a business meeting. If there are a lot of such customers, you should improve the conditions of your own institution in order to lure some of the customers to yourself. For example, you can add sockets for charging laptops and phones, speed up the Internet, and introduce coworking elements.

Restaurant Email List

Restaurant Email List is a service that can boast of really high quality, and most importantly, the accuracy of data collection. This company guarantees its customers the accuracy of the addresses of all e-mails, mobile phones and other available contact information. In addition, customers receive reliable leads from restaurants of different levels. A wide base of restaurateurs and their clients is the way to the success of your own business in the restaurant industry.