How can I prevent my nearsightedness prescription from increasing?

How can I prevent my nearsightedness prescription from increasing?
Wearing prescription eyeglasses is the most effective and safest way to correct your vision, but wearing eyeglasses will not make your prescription go down. Yes, it is impossible to reduce. So we need to be more concerned about effectively preventing and effectively controlling the increasing nearsightedness prescription.

First, 2 hours of outdoor activity every day.
This is the number one approach to myopia prevention and control that professionals have implemented.
Outdoor activities allow the eyes to adjust naturally in a natural environment, near and far, and fully relax the eyes. The impact of natural light on the body and mind cannot be simulated or replaced by artificial light. What you need to know is that humans also need proper photosynthesis.

2nd, Wear accurate and quality eyeglasses.
Wearing accurate and quality eyeglasses to correct your vision can effectively relieve the visual fatigue caused by unconscious pressure on the eyes, and can establish a synergistic balance between the two eyes with lower consumption, and play a significant role in inhibiting the further increase in the prescription. This is why it is essential to wear prescription glasses every day if you are nearsighted beyond a certain degree. Suppose you have a limited budget and know your prescription and data. In that case, you can buy cheap glasses online with qualified quality and prices that are definitely beyond your imagination.

Third, establish a good habit of making the eyes work and rest.
The standard combination of work and rest is the good habit of letting your eyes rest for 5-10 minutes after using them continuously for about 1 hour.
Adults should not use their eyes for more than an hour at a time; minors should control the length of continuous eye use within 50 minutes, let the eyes rest for 5-10 minutes, and close the eyes and look away, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue. Close your eyes to nourish your mind, and stick to the habit for a while; the benefits are endless.
In addition to moderate rest, hot compresses, and tea steam fumigation, meditation is also an excellent way to relax the eyes, and you may wish to try more.

Four, Diligent examination and more attention.
Post a vision chart at home or in the office, and check your vision from time to time (twice a week). Naked vision or corrected vision can be found in time, and the doctor still has a way; the later it is found, the more difficult it is to recover.
Vision changes are a chronic disease, usually due to their long irregularities, the accumulation of eye habits, and not suddenly a day or two of exertion into myopia. Pay more attention to your vision, and reflect on your state of life, starting from the inside.

Nearsightedness prevention and control lie in their own more attention, more exercise, with outdoor sports, reduce eye strain; many say their prescription grows fast, most or caused by themselves. Your eyes are your own, and since nearsightedness is irreversible, protecting them is a responsibility you can’t afford to delay.