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(This can be a fairly lengthy discussion, however if you simply are seriously interested in home roasting, we guarantee it’s worth your time and effort to see towards the finish.)

Undoubtedly, probably the most prevanlent myth about coffee centers around it as being a “fresh” product like lettuce or milk, insofar as minutes and hrs count when it comes to obtaining the freshest possible taste.

When we can’t say this 1,000 occasions, then one time in bold type will need to suffice:

Roasted coffee isn’t a fresh vegetable or fruit. It does not belong within the refrigerator. It doesn’t spoil or become stale in hrs or perhaps a couple of days if correctly sealed. It doesn’t need to be consumed within hrs of roasting to obtain best wishes flavors. You are able to relax and disregard the “Fresh” Freaks, they do not know what they’re speaking about plus they enjoy one-upping one another in minimum lengths of your time that you must consume coffee before it might be completely useless.

The truth is, coffee is definitely an aged product. Just like a filet mignon steak, wine, shortbread or perhaps spaghetti sauce, coffee does not become coffee when you are consumed and eaten immediately, it is going via a several weeks-lengthy process from picking to drying to hulling to storing to roasting and consuming. It’s reduced to 12% moisture content when eco-friendly in order that it will stay stable for several weeks, even a few years.

The amount that an espresso ages inside a negative or positive strategy is impacted by the coffee species and variety, how it’s stored, and many other factors.

What goes on whenever you roast coffee?

You’re taking stable, stored eco-friendly beans and submitting these to a combustion process. You’re roasting them. The applied heat is extreme, usually around 450°F. This will cause numerous dramatic alterations in the bean the combustion process starts when roasted but doesn’t really complete until lengthy after roasting.

Whenever you go ahead and take beans from the roaster and awesome them, they aren’t ready for consumption. Just like a poultry in the oven which should sit and coalesce fifteen minutes prior to being sliced, or some bread that should awesome and outgas its yeast by-products, the perfect taste happens sooner or later AFTER taking it from the heat.

Should you slice a poultry right out the oven, the juices will run and also the meat is going to be drier. By eating bread right out the oven you will probably upset your stomach.

Should you brew coffee right out the roaster you’ll be consuming combustion elements that can make the coffee appear woodsy, bitter and flat.

Fresh-roasted coffee must “rest”!

Within the next couple of hrs as well as days, the coffee will ripen into its optimal taste profile and lose the negative combustion tastes. This really is challenging make general statements about. It is a fact that some coffees achieve a scrumptious taste profile in a few minutes, however this is rare. Some achieve an ideal taste within hrs, but many coffees would be best if rested a minimum of one day, and lots of would be best resting three days. Standard cafe procedure would be to rest coffees between one and three days with respect to the beans.

Harmful and frightening statements:

What we should will say here defies the most popular myths you read every single day about coffee. It’s guaranteed to help you get chuckled at by individuals at cocktail parties who’ve never really discovered this from experience, but merely believed and repeated the myths they’ve heard or read. But you’ll be as soon as saying it, and you may prove it from your own experience should you care to do this.

1. “New crop” coffee isn’t always much better than “old crop” coffee.

Explanation: Despite the fact that eco-friendly beans are stable, they are doing still ripen inside because they are stored. If kept in awesome temperatures at low humidity, they still develop certain compounds within that affect flavor. After 1.5 – 24 months it’s doubtful that they’ll improve description of how the are really starting to lose quality. This isn’t the case with all eco-friendly beans, just most.

Once the coffee is distributed in the finish of the summer season, people assume it’s at its best flavor profile. Yet over and over we view that this isn’t so. Sometimes the sugar submissions are excessive people discover the sweetness and fruitiness off-putting, and “nothing like coffee whatsoeverInch. Sometimes the brand new crop didn’t get nearly as good weather because the previous crop, and also the previous crop is going to be searched for after first until it’s gone. Sometimes the crops are equal in quality but have somewhat different flavor profiles, and you will prefer either that old or even the new coffee.

To provide an individual example, we’ve been loving the Panama And Nicaragua , Nectar coffee crop 2014 increasingly more because it ages. It began great but it is now legendary 🙂 Soon we’ll possess the new 2015 season crop, consider we like this aged crop a lot, we may find ourselves consuming that old crop by preference until it’s gone. We may like the new crop because it ages 3 several weeks, or 6 several weeks. We do not know yet. That’s area of the fun with coffee!

2. The very best taste is rarely immediately after roasting. Every coffee includes a DIFFERENT requirement for rest after roasting.

Resting fresh-roasted coffee - len's coffee maybe twenty minutes

We very often brew our El Recreo and South america Adrano from the roaster, with maybe twenty minutes rest. It’s some woodiness nevertheless its insufficient to spoil that wonderful fresh-roasted taste.

We let the majority of the coffee rest a minimum of several hrs before we’ll even attempt to brew them. So we have many coffees we will not touch for just two-three days, such as the Sumatra Lintong.

3. Every coffee includes a unique optimal taste profile period.

It’s a total myth that coffee begins to become stale and loses flavor following a couple of days. Many people begrudgingly extend this optimal fresh period to 18 days approximately. But we discover that couple of people really study this, they simply follow just one rule.

We’ve studied it, and recommendations that (presuming all samples are correctly sealed with no oxygen within the package) some coffees do come with an optimal taste profile of three-18 days. However, most don’t. We’ve several coffees in their peak between five days and thirty days. And we also have one very persistent coffee, the Dalat Bourbon, that wishes to become stored and forgotten for days or perhaps 2-3 several weeks. When opened up despite 2-3 several weeks, the Dalat Bourbon will get rave reviews when made. Individuals who overlooked it at three days or ten days will beg to purchase more.

People always have to have one rule that covers everything. No rules cover all coffees equally.


We encourage you to definitely do what we should do, experiment. Try your coffee immediately after roasting, but seal some small packages for testing the following day and 2 more days after. You’ll most likely be amazed to discover that does not only is each coffee different, however, you might in every case like the well-rested coffees towards the freshly roasted ones.

Disclaimers: We know that there are several methods utilized by commerical roasters that reduce the roasting time, or flash-awesome the beans after roasting, or whatever. We acknowledge that a few of these methods eliminate a lot of the remainder time required for a lot of coffees, which some coffees could be enjoyed soon after roasting using these methods. However, this site is dedicated to discussion for home roasting, which esceptions will not apply. Also, when utilized as espresso, the remainder time can vary and perhaps ‘t be needed. In some cases, though, creating espresso immediately after roasting is only going to concentrate the woodiness for an intolerable degree.

Resting fresh-roasted coffee - len's coffee coffee before it might be

Killing the “you must REST Fresh Roasted Coffee” Myth.