Our freshly roasted coffee

Our freshly roasted coffee be the freshest

The World famous coffee involves us from plantations around the world. Over many generations, we’ve established close relationships with growers and brokers, to make sure a continuing way to obtain the earth’s best eco-friendly coffee.

Our Caffeine free coffee is 100% Swiss Water Process®, that is 100% Chemical-Free, and 99.9% Caffeine-Free.

A number of our coffees are shade grown, and individuals which are, are noted as a result.  All in our Coffee is Gluten-Free.

We carefully roast our coffee in small batches, using French made Samiac coffee roasters. Samiac roasters are known within the trade as the finest coffee roasters on the market. We never water quench our coffee after roasting, but choose to air awesome the coffee, which helps to ensure that the height flavor and subtle notes remain in the beans. Samiac Roasters also provide solid roasting drums, unlike most roasters which have perforated roasting drums.  Our solid roasting drums prevent "tipping" around the outer edges from the beans.  "Tipping" may be the burning from the bean’s edges, adding to harsh flavor.

We roast our coffee to buy, and also the date roasted, combined with the customer’s name is printed directly on heat sealed valve bag. Understand why our customers inform us our coffee may be the freshest, most flavorful & authentic coffee available, anywhere.

California Customers: All Coffee shipped to California have a Proposition 65 Label connected to the packaging.  For additional info on Proposition 65, CLICK HERE

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Ask Gail: How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?


Marshall Steeves: I stopped buying Lavazza once I realized how amazing fresh beans taste here in Portland.  There are some fantastic roasters here and, if consumed within 12 days, some of the best coffee can be had with these beans.  Lavazza has never tasted good to me.  I honestly do not think the Nitrogen flush works at all.

Seattle Coffee Gear: Portland does have some great roasters +Marshall Steeves! Keep an eye out for some tastings we did at our Portland store 🙂 Coming soon!  

Marshall Steeves: Will do!  Thank you!

Fragffs: Coffee's Rule of "15s".\n1. Raw "green" coffee beans are fresh for 15 months.\n2. Roasted Coffee is fresh for 15 days.\n3. Ground coffee is fresh for 15 minutes.

Joel Weidenfeld: green beans? what should I ask for,,,, not roasted heavy??? I drink medium ROAST,,, its better than that SICK shit medicinal STARFUCKER BURNT GRIME fucks excrement ??? I AGREE?

Joel Weidenfeld: I like those times, is it good , I'll buy IT if it don't taste like ochra.

David Bergin: I roast my own beans in small batches and grind them every morning for immediate use. One of the best comments on coffee freshness was something like: think of coffee as bread, once it's roasted it's like a loaf, once it's ground it's like it's been sliced. Maybe I'm all wet, but it seems to me the best flavor comes two days after the roast.

Seattle Coffee Gear: What a great analogy +David Bergin! Thanks for that :)

David Bergin: I should make it clear…that is NOT original to me. Wish I could remember where I heard it through, just one of the disadvantages of getting older I suppose. :)

heynow295: Nevermind the coffee beans, Miranda is hot :)