The organic coffee company – 100% pure organic coffee shade grown and fresh roasted espresso beans and ground coffee

Organic Coffee Company

Our "Organic Coffee Co." brand is pure, organic coffee bliss. Real Simple Magazine even referred to it as as among the most effective coffees they sampled. We provide 100% certified, organic espresso beans, organic decaffeinated coffee, and organic flavored coffees.

Organic Coffee Company

As with every Rogers Family Company coffees, our coffee tastes so great because we go straight to the origin to purchase our coffee from premier organic farms, so we grow our very own organic coffee by ourselves unique and bio-diverse farms in Panama.

Organic Tea Company

We have a type of 100% organic teas under our "Organic Tea Co." brand.  Our organic teas, including two, organic Chinese eco-friendly tea products, are available in large-leaf form inside the tea bags. Some tea companies fill their tea bags with "fannings" or tea dust, we only use the greater costly, hands-selected, large leaf areas of the tea plant. However we place the large leaves in tea bags, so that you can benefit from the convenience tea bags offer.

We offer scrumptious, full-bodied organic coffee, organic decaffeinated coffee, organic flavored coffee, and delightful organic tea and coffee gourmet gift baskets.

You buy the car of Rogers’ coffees and teas allow us to fund our Community Aid program that can help to interrupt periodic poverty within the towns where we buy our tea and coffee. Through Community Aid, we have built schools, worker housing, medical clinics, and daycare centers in addition to funded scholarships, teachers, and doctor’s salaries.




Our Organic Coffee Story: From Bean to Brew


Saf Dogan: Amazing!

Im here because im bored: Thank you all workers in the coffee industry ! I don't know what i would do without you !

Shabby D aka D!A: Where can we buy your coffee?

Cerridwen: Rainforest coffee…. that's awesome.