Organic roots organic coffee shop

"Put our coffee team to the test! We can make most everything the leading coffee shops can…but organic!"

One of the really exciting places in the Organic Roots store is the Bakery & Organic Coffee Shop. We are a modern style coffee shop with a sustainable twist. All of our coffee and teas are organic and we serve fresh brewed organic coffee, frapps, teas, mochas, hot chocolate and more! Next time you are in need of a coffee drink, stop by our organic coffee shop and taste the difference.

Plus, our in house bakery team is at work daily baking up fresh pastries from gluten-free pumpkin rolls and paleo bites to cake pops and mini chocolate chip cookies. So take a look around and order something fun!


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 Organic & All Natural Ingredients


Horizon Organic – Nonfat, 2% and Whole


Organic So Delicious – Coconut Milk


Blue Diamond – Almond Milk


Organic Valley – Half & Half (Dairy)

Organic So Delicious – Sugar Free, French Vanilla and Hazelnut Creamer (Coconut)



What is Keto Coffee?

Organic black coffee blended w/ 2 upgrades!

Choose from:
organic grass-fed butter
organic grass-fed ghee
organic coconut oil
organic raw cacao
grass-fed whey
hemp protein

Why is adding fat to your coffee beneficial?

First, healthy fats are GOOD for you in general, despite what the media has told you for years. Good Fats are high in saturated fat which helps you to actually LOSE fat over time. Starting your morning off with coffee containing saturated fats helps to send your body into Ketosis – a.ka “Fat Burning Mode.”

Another benefit of Keto Coffee is a that caffeine is a great delivery system! So blending fat and caffeine together helps your body more easily use the healthy fats and process the caffeine.

OH and it is delicious!!!


Aurora Innovations Roots Organics Liquid Nutrients


SleePC: 👏👏👊👍✌

Spectra 7 Gaming: Damn daddy yeah I'm with Aurora innovations I been using roots organic soil for like 4 years and I just picked up they're master pack liquid nutrients \nmuahahaha

Mr. Meeseeks: is it really that bad to mix extreme serene and ancient amber. even at half strength

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Dfirewire12: I'm in the right area. Beautiful Educational Best company….

Vincent Tooles: also what is the difference between the 707 formula and the original soil?

Jacob with the kicks: Vincent Tooles original has coco in it and alfalfa meal and 707 has langbeinite

Vincent Tooles: is there a video on the Aurora Innovations/ Soul Synthetic line? I swear by you products and use Big Swell in my feeding regimen. My local grow store has the entire Soul line but there isn't a lot of info on it…

legalizebrasil: Magic.