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Basically,espresso is our passion. Our journey has had us to Simalungun, North Sumatra, Indonesia to pursue this passion and set up a business that reflects our dedication to ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly farming, processing and purchasers practices. Better harvesting and processing methods have altered the Sumatra cup profiles individuals superbly complex Sumatra flavors possess a cleaner, lengthy sweet finish. This is actually the benchmark we attempt for with each and every micro lot we produce.

Our Arabicas were began from seed and therefore are grown organically in greater elevations of 1200 to 1500+MASL. All the cherry we source is grown within our home region of Simalungun.Different processing methods, including natural processing, fully washed and semi- washed are utilized to get the best flavor profiles from your coffees. A lot of the Coffee tab.

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To attain a sustainable business design that’s fair to everybody within our logistics, Farm Adoption Programs were developed and implemented having a bottom up approach. Families expressing a wish to work with L&L Organic and transition into fully organic farm practices are where we start. On this on the ‘Farm Adoption’ page.

In 2016 we completed our new wet mill facility and can now expand the outreach programs to more local farm families and as a result give a greater quality product through greater control over recycleables purchased as cherry in the farm level.

Creating a difference in the ground-up is our goal. Creating the location of Simalungun, North Sumatra within the worldwide marketplace is our dream. On our organization and our projects on the Facebook page or instagram @Lisa_and_Leos_0rganic

Tiga Raja

Lisa & leo's organic coffee Coffee Quality InstituteIn 2013 we grew to become a part of some pot Venture Partnership with Five Senses, Australia and CUM Talenta, Simalungun to create Tiga Raja Collective. Read much more about this project on the Tiga Raja page and follow us on instagram @tr_collective

Q Graders The worldwide coffee community recognizes the Coffee Quality Institute License as qualification for grading coffee from around the globe. Within our quest for better coffee quality, we’ve both earned this license. These cupping skills established through the Niche Coffee Association of the usa, SCAA, are utilized to determine whether an espresso meets the Niche Coffee standard for market prices.

Memberships We’re active people within the Niche Coffee Association of Indonesia, SCAI. We’re also people from the SCAA, CQI, and also the IWCA, Worldwide Women’s Coffee Alliance.

Lisa & leo's organic coffee All the cherry we

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