Fair trade/organic coffee

Fair trade/organic coffee Viennese, French, Italian

Our outstanding choice of Certified Fair Trade & Certified Organic coffee are available here. Fair Trade certification may be the leading standard for social and ecological auditing from the global logistics. The Fair Trade Certified(tm) label is the guarantee we have complied with strict economic, social, and ecological criteria, therefore developing a more equitable system for producers. The main criteria of Fair Trade Certification are: Fair prices for maqui berry farmers & decent working & living conditions for workers. Direct do business with maqui berry farmers, bypassing middlemen Free association of workers & co-ops, with structures for democratic decision-making Use of capital Sustainable farming practices, including restricted utilization of agrochemicals. Our organic coffees are certified organic through the Maryland Department of Agriculture, and also the U.S.D.A. You may also order any coffee we provide in almost any roast (Viennese, French, Italian Roasts) There’s a ten pound minimum if you prefer a specific coffee custom roasted) When ordering, don’t forget to specify Whole Bean, or Ground: Coarse, Drip, Fine, Espresso, Turkish. All prices here are for 1 pound packages(16 oz) (454g). Our Fair Trade Organics are Shade Grown.

All of our freshly roasted coffees are packaged in 1 pound ( 454 g.) heat sealed foil valve bags with re-closeable tin ties to preserve their freshness.  All in our Fair Trade Organic Coffee is Gluten-Free.

When ordering, don’t forget to specify Whole Bean, or Ground:

Fair trade/organic coffee label is the guarantee we

  • French Press Grind – for French Press and Re-functional K-Cup Filters

  • Perc. Grind – for Percolators

  • Drip Grind- for automatic drip coffee machines having a flat bottom filter

  • Fine Grind – for drip coffee machines having a paper cone filter (Melitta, Krups, etc.)

  • Espresso Grind – Stovetop Espresso Brewers & Traditional Espresso Machines

  • Turkish Grind – Powder

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