What’s soluble coffee- instant coffee flavor – spray-dried coffee – freeze-dried agglomerated coffee

What is“Soluble Coffee”?




1) That may be dissolved, especially easily dissolved.

– The American Heritage® Dictionary

from the British Language.

Retail marketed as "Instant Coffee",

it’s the solubility of those coffees that provides them their distinction

over roasted and ground coffee. After eco-friendly coffee is roasted

and made, the extract will be processed into various

soluble coffees.


Spray drying produces fine, rounded particles. Because of the cost

effectiveness of spray drying, the finest number of soluble

coffees is created that way.


Unique process involves removing water by sublimation through

freezing. This can be a more costly process than other methods

of drying, but creates a soluble with bigger granules for any more

favored visual aesthetic.


Agglomerated soluble coffee is frequently referred to as approximately

spray-dried and freeze-dried. Created while using spray drying

method, the fine particles will be collected into bigger particles

utilizing a re-hydration process. This creates a visually better

product, having a slight rise in solubility.

Resourse: http://incasacoffee.com/

Instant coffee


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