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Nestlé Coffee Factory in Orbe, Switzerland


zammie01: Unfortunately the important parts of roasting and drying are not shown. What is the point of this incomplete video?

Austin F: "How coffee packaged"

danny sulyma: I've watched a lot of videos on you tube since I discovered it 4 or 5 years ago and this one earned my first thumbs down. What a disappointment, such a lame effort from such a large, multinational corporation. Bags of beans, handled by miserable looking workers and whirling jars. Oh the magic of "step by step production". What a joke.

danny sulyma: +danny sulyma  More worrying is the number of positive comments from (presumably) free thinking individuals about how they enjoyed this drivel. Or are they Nestle' employees brown nosing in case big brother is watc

msi67rj: Wow straight from the bag into a bottle machine ……easy

danm22: i saw the before and the after, but you forgot about the in between

Baron Von Raschke: They did a good job of hiding the rat feces.

Hitesh Gandhi: your operator is not wearing safety glasses and is wearing jewelry (wedding ring and earings).in short, No PPE is followed. moreover, pressing same button 3-4 times in 2 secs. could've done better, Nestlé!! just saying

Frank Grippi: Forget about this video. The stuff you want to see will not be shown for security reasons and cannot be seen anyway.\nThe visibility where Tasters Choice is manufactured is almost zero with temperature of 50 degrees below zero. All employees must wear protective gear and sit in a room at zero degrees for 30 minutes before entering the manufacturing facility where Tasters Choice is made. The video only shows a worker opening a bag of Colombia beans and the beans falling onto the conveyor belt. In reality many bags are opened and inspected and rejected for bug infestation. If the bags of beans pass inspection then and only then are they placed onto the conveyor belt to the roaster. The next clip is the filler . The jars are rotating so the label machine can put labels on the front and the back. The final clip is the end product. A step-by-step video of coffee production would take up to an hour to view with some 1000 employees involved.

Frank Grippi: I love the company store where everything is sold at cost-5 cents for a large jar of coffee and one dollar for a pound of chocolate