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3. Masala tea in Malaysia (and India)

From my little story above, you might have collected which i really, enjoy masala tea, a.k.a. chai tea or masala chai! Even though this is an Indian drink, I’ve only attempted it in Malaysia in order to only discuss the Malay version. Which is my comment: it’s good!

Masala chai in Indian restaurant in Malaysia

Actually, this drink’s mixture of sweetness and bitterness and also the strong flavour which comes from the mixture of spices is really good that on my small first trip to Malaysia, I purchased some masala tea powder to recover to my mother. She now loves it, but because nothing comes even close to the on-site version, If only I possibly could just fly her here so she could try the actual factor (Mother, you lower?!)!

What exactly is it made from?

This tasty, thickish beverage is ready by brewing black tea with a combination of aromatic Indian herbs and spices, including eco-friendly cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, ground ginger root, and black peppercorn.

How’s it made and offered?

Masala chai is created through decoction, by positively simmering or boiling a combination of milk and water with loose leaf tea, sweeteners, and whole spices. With respect to the method, the components might be used together in the beginning and also the mixture introduced to some boil or, the tea leaves might be introduced to some boil first and also the spices only added for the finish.

Authentic masala teas are offered inside a metallic cup having a saucer-type container base holding the surplus liquid that steamed over: once you’ve emptied your cup, pour the items in the saucer in it and revel in your next helping!

Best spot to test it

Although masala tea are now able to been present in tea bag, instant powdered mixture, or concentrate form in supermarkets around the globe, there’s nothing that can compare with giving it a go directly in India or perhaps in Malaysia – or perhaps in a conventional Indian restaurant elsewhere -, in which the correct recipe and preparation method is going to be adopted!

What to get it with?

You realize the solution to this: enjoy a large Indian feast alongside your cup of masala tea: curry, naan, dosai, chapati, or sweet biscuits – it is going with anything!

Masala tea with Indian meal

4. Chaksol or chugno tea in Columbia

After I subscribed to one half-day Temple Existence experience of Korea, I have to admit I did not expect much in the tea-tasting area of the program. I am talking about, eco-friendly tea… it isn’t like I hadn’t been with them countless time, and that i can’t say I’ve found it excessively exciting! Although I had been conscious of the cultural importance and recognition of traditional Korean tea events, I couldn’t imagine what all of the fuss involved: is it possible to make eco-friendly tea anything further than ‘quite good’?

Well, the solution to that question happens to be YES! The tea I had been offered at Bongeunsa Temple was truly something, both distinctively flavoursome and scrumptious. I finished up requesting as numerous refills as you possibly can (inside the limits of temple etiquette, obviously)!

What exactly is it made from?

The ‘chaksol’ and ‘chugno’ eco-friendly tea varieties are typically the most popular kinds of teas to become offered at tea events. However, chrysanthemum tea, persimmon leaf tea, or mugwort tea can also be offered at different occasions of the season. Although special ingredients for example sea-salted leaves from Jeju Island are occasionally used, the key to Korean eco-friendly tea’s exception lies mostly within the very elaborate way it’s prepared.

There’s a possibly disproportionate quantity of meaning mounted on tea in Korea: the varieties offered at events are viewed to mix the five different tastes of bitterness, sweetness, astringency, saltiness and ‘sourness’, that are familiar with layers, and also to stimulate four types of thought for Korean Buddhists: peacefulness, respectfulness, wholesomeness and quietness.

How’s it made and offered?

The Korean Tea Ceremony, or Darye, has existed for any couple of 1000 years. To provide you with a concept of its importance and complexity, it’s considered a skill in Columbia and it is studied in dedicated schools.

The strict preparation and serving from the tea follows a synchronized choreography done by two women in traditional attire and involving a to-and-froing between teapots and various bowls. The teas are put from the certain distance over the warmed cups or bowls to create bubbles that are meant to bring best of luck.

Korean Darye

Tea ladies for action

If you are intrigued for more information, the ceremony is detailed in videos and pictures on this website.

Best spot to test it

I’m afraid that one may need a vacation to Korea! Once you’re there, many tourism offices and cultural associations, for example Seoul’s Korea House, offer lifestyle experience programs that will help you to try the subtle flavours of chaksol and chugno, and can even initiate you to definitely the skill of Darye!

For a much more authentic and propitious setting, taste the tea one of the priests to whom it had been initially destined included in a Temple Existence (half-day) or Temple Stay (overnight and longer) program. This plan, which is built to let individuals thinking about Korean traditions and Buddhist practices experience daily existence inside a Buddhist temple, has become prevalent across the nation: the only real difficulty is to choose a temple from the many inviting listings around the official Templestay website!

What to get it with

Your tea-tasting experience will usually involve numerous vegan, plant-based biscuits, including lotus root ones, which will probably be another enjoyable surprise. A minimum of they did for me personally!

5. Cha yen in Thailand

When you are in Thailand and it is 35° outdoors, you will possibly not be too interested in the thought of a warm cuppa. Well, rejoice: most likely non-coincidentally, Thailand’s drink niche transpires with be…an iced tea! Combined with the many fresh juices, smoothies, and shakes available, Thai iced tea, or ‘cha yen’, is the best drink to quench your hot-weather thirst.

Thai iced tea

What exactly is it made from?

Although typically produced from strongly made Ceylon tea, a less expensive and much more popular version now utilizes a in your area grown number of Assam referred to as ‘Bai Miang’. Other ingredients include added orange blossom water, star anise, crushed tamarind seed, or red and yellow food coloring, with condensed milk and sugar on the top.

How’s it made and offered?

The teas are sweetened with sugar and condensed milk and offered chilled. Evaporated milk, coconut milk or dairy is usually put within the tea and ice before serving to be able to add taste along with a creamy appearance. However, in Thailand, the right recipe involves mixing condensed milk and sugar using the tea prior to it being put within the ice after which topping it with evaporated milk. The brew is put backwards and forwards at heights of approximately 4 ft.

Best spot to test it

Where better to grab a glass of Thai iced tea compared to the alleys of the street market or in a roadside food stall? Alternatively, it’s bound to be recption menus at the local Thai restaurant!

What to get it with

Combine cha yen with a range of market snacks – from fishcakes to spring rolls, satay kebabs, pad thai, papaya salad, or, if you are really adventurous, grilled insects. For those who have a sweet tooth, why don’t you savour it with Thailand’s most addictive dessert, mango and sticky grain?

Have you ever attempted these drinks? Which is the favourite or sounds most appealing? Did I omit any beverage you like? Tell me within the comments below!

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