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Muan Jai Coffee

Muan Jai Coffee

Many people have no idea there are many Starbucks coffees NOT offered inside Starbucks within the U . s . States or Canada. These rare worldwide whole bean coffees are often only offered within the originating country where their beans are sourced (or mostly sourced in).  So for instance, if you are in South america and going to a Starbucks, you’d have the opportunity to buy Brasil Blend Starbucks Coffee.  Brasil blend coffee sources beans from 4 different (or possibly it’s 3?) coffee farms in South america, with beans created by each various processing type: Wash, semi-washed, and sun-dried.  (I recognize sooner or later I ought to perform a blog publish about these various processing methods.)

Starbucks sources the beans in the home country, after which ships these to San antonio for qc and occasional cupping.  The beans are roasted in the Kent Roasting Plant, after which shipped to the house country. Although Hawaii belongs to the the U . s . States, I count “100% Kona” coffee that is offered year-round at Starbucks in Hawaii, included in the worldwide blends, but reasonable minds could differ with that one!

I do not possess a complete listing of the worldwide blends, nor have i got images for the coffees. I believe I have to travel more.  Periodically, the “street level” Starbucks stores receive really small amount of these rare worldwide coffees, that is how I’ve experienced getting a few of these.  The Clover Starbucks locations have periodically offered 100% Kona, which incidentally, rocks within the Clover.  Every now and then, I’ve selected up a few of these coffees at 15th Avenue Tea and coffee, and they’re available too at Roy Street Tea and coffee.  A few of the worldwide beans available are listed below:

  • South america – Brasil Blend Starbucks Coffee
  • China – South from the Clouds Starbucks Coffee
  • Hawaii – 100% Kona Coffee
  • Mexico – Mexico Blend
  • Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Starbucks Coffee
  • Philippines – Starbucks Kape Vinta Blend
  • Thailand – Muan Jai Starbucks Coffee

I do not have enough detailed information online about these rare coffees and would welcome anymore photographs or more information on these special “international” blend coffees offered only in limited locations and countries.  Please message me at for those who have anything to increase this web site publish.

The “Brasil” blend coffee offering isn’t the same coffee as Starbucks South america Ipanema Bourbon, simply to halt any confusion because of the similarity of the names. (However, in case you really wish to be bewildered through the similarity of coffee names, read these blog entry on Pike Place Roast and Pike Place Special Reserve – They are 2 different coffees!).  I’ve had the Muan Jai like a pour-over mug of coffee, also it was very bold with distinct peppery notes. Obviously, Kona is floral and balanced.  The Kona coffee stamp proven below was obtained from an arbitrary search of images.

Thanks to Ray at San antonio Custom Framing for his help with the photos from the Muan Jai coffee.  The copyright holder for that Brasil Blend photo is sbx_ironchef – Photo utilized by permission.


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