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Luwak coffee (kopi Luwak) is really a unique, fine and exotic coffee and probably the most costly on the planet, exported from Indonesia. Luwak coffee is also referred to as ‘Civet coffee’ due to the role performed through the Asian palm civet, a local Indonesian animal that processes the beans. The coffee cherries are digested and fermented because of it prior to being selected and additional processed through the maqui berry farmers.

Kopi may be the Indonesian word for coffee, and Luwak may be the local reputation for nature Asian palm civet, accountable for developing the initial taste from the coffee, and so the name Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is highly flavoured, more aromatic, less acidic, having a remarkably smoother texture than traditional coffees. Its superb quality results in popular and occasional supply and therefore causes it to be rare and most costly coffee on the planet having a wealthy and strong aroma along with a hint of chocolate flavor.

Why is Luwak coffee unique one of the traditional coffees?

Its uniqueness is based on its unusual production process. The Luwaks only consume the ripest and juiciest espresso beans of the greatest quality which remain in their digestive system for twenty-four hrs. The civet digests the pulp from the fruit and excretes the undigested hard seed through its faeces. The beans will be carefully washed before further processing.

Throughout the digestion, the soft area of the fruit is digested. Hard bean remains undigested and it is fermented through the enzymes contained in the mammal’s stomach. In this process, the bean is transformed and full of antioxidants, and also the germination process reduces its bitterness, passing on a malt flavor. The juices and digestive support enzymes within the Luwak’s stomach provide a unique flavor. Then your maqui berry farmers collect the civet’s faeces, break them lower into single pieces, then after choosing the right beans, wash them, dry them, and these questions dark dry place before roasting. Roasting is an important step since the taste, aroma and colour of the coffee depends upon it. Each step is conducted meticulously to guarantee higher quality and cleanliness before roasting. Finally, the roasted beans are ground, supplying us using the sensational delicacy from the wealthy, creamy, caramel hinted flavor and it is earthy and musky aroma.

A wonderful delicacy with health benefits 

Many years of still ongoing research have proven that Kopi Luwak comes with some health advantages for example:

  • It protects teeth through its anti-microbial qualities.
  • It cuts down on the chance of Alzheimer’s.
  • It cuts down on the chance of Parkinson’s along with other nerve illnesses, gallstone disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer of the skin and cancer of the breast, also it relieves from
  • It’s anti-cancer compounds.
  • It’s a effective analgesic drug and therefore helps relieve from a variety of injuries.

For each coffee fan, it certainly is a brand new factor to test a scrumptious flavored coffee, acquired in the animal waste. It’s a novelty item and also the world’s most highly coveted flavored coffee. It’s warm, earthy, and exotic aroma with wealthy flavor, variety in taste and syrupy consistency is definitely an attraction for everybody.

Everybody need this remarkable drink at least one time in the existence!


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