Cold coffee recipe, steps to make cold coffee recipe, coffee milkshake

1. inside a bowl take 1 tablespoons of instant coffee.

coffee for cold coffee recipe

2. add ¼ cup tepid to warm water. stir perfectly. to help make the shake, i used full cream milk. you may also use skimmed milk or low-fat milk. if using skimmed milk or low-fat milk, then just lessen the ¼ cup water to around two to three tablespoons of.

water for cold coffee recipe

3. add some coffee solution inside a blender jar. for pics i required coffee+tepid to warm water inside a bowl. you are able to directly add both to some blender or mixer jar.

cold coffee mixture

4. add three or four tablespoons of sugar.

sugar for cold coffee recipe

5. blend for any minute or up until the coffee solution becomes creamy and also the color fades to some lighter brown shade.

light colored coffee concotion

6. add 6 or 7 ice. for any thick cold coffee, you are able to lessen the ice from two to four.

ice for cold coffee recipe

7. pour 2 cups chilled milk (500 ml).

milk for cold coffee recipe

8. blend once again till things are mixed well and you receive a nice creamy layer on the top.

coffee milkshake recipe, cold coffee recipe

9. pour in glasses and serve cold coffee immediately. the froth on the top settles lower and reduces as time passes. so serve coffee milk shake immediately.

coffee milkshake recipe, cold coffee recipe

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cold coffee recipe recipe – how to make cold coffee | coffee milkshake


desigirlng: I made this last summer and it was delicious… better than (and less expensive) than one you would get in a cafe:D…Dassana do you think it would be better with condensed milk? 

Veg Recipes of India: thanks desigirlng. agree that less expensive and better than cafes. you can use condensed milk. just skip sugar then. add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk. some low fat cream can also be added.

Shwena Patwari: nice coffee but not different recipes…!!!

Shwena Patwari: Veg Recipes of India OK m wating for your Mexican recipies

Veg Recipes of India: thanks shwena. i will take time as need to add more indian recipes first. but will add in a few months.