Milk destroys anti-oxidants tea & coffee?

coffee with miolkHow can you take yours?  A great deal, a little if any milk inside your coffee or tea?  Personally, I love my espresso after some milk and capped after some mound of foamy milk, less than a macchiato nor a cappuccino however a small version somewhere among. But does milk really destroy the anti-oxidants in tea or coffee?

Recently, someone pointed out online information from the trustworthy doctor’s site that stated so…citing the study et al.

My ideas were, “here we go again…the old milk controversy”.  Every couple of years the ‘proof and research’ appears to shuttle about this.

So, I just read the study again regarding the why (milk supposedly destroys anti-oxidants).  And even, laboratory results reveal that the milk protein, casein binds towards the anti-oxidants in tea or coffee, rendering them no more bio-open to your body.

Hmmm…really?  Through the years and observing research contradicting itself following a couple of years because of much deeper studies or better research methods (recall the 70’s-80’s eggs-are-bad-for-your margarine-is-healthier-than-thou (err..butter) hype?  Indeed, it required mainstream news and also the average physician nearly twenty years to simply accept the greater research that stated the issues in individuals myths.  Meanwhile, John/Jane Q. Public was crying over their shift to some forget about real butter nor eggs lifestyle and driving restaurants crazy using their ‘omelettes without egg yolks’ demands.  And feeling smug about this.

But, the issue about dairy ‘destroying’ or better stated rendering anti-oxidants bio-unavailable in coffee and tea is really a valid one.  To some extent.

To become obvious, some laboratory studies have demonstrated  that milk protein truly does interact and bind with a anti-oxidants for example chlorogenic acidity (an essential phytochemical in coffee), which makes them rather useless towards the body.  The majority of the studies stopped there using the laboratory results and also the word was spread towards the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, various other reserach has adopted this ‘problem’ much deeper in human trials with bloodstream tests, before, after and during ingestion of milk with tea or coffee. The outcomes have shown this interaction doesn’t seem to negatively affect total antioxidant capacity.  This might partly relate to an united nations-binding effect that naturally occurs during digestion.

Certainly one of my criticisms of this kind of scientific studies are relying an excessive amount of on in vitro studies and drawing conclusions from this.  But our physiques are much more complex than test tubes and petri dishes.  Double blind human tests with pre- after and during bloodstream work answers are more believable.  And conducted by independent research.  Used to do find research funded by Nestle.  Not really a reliable source, within my sometimes-not-so-humble opinion.

During digestion, the milk protein ‘un-binds’ in the anti-oxidants in tea or coffee.

Interestingly, even though the findings demonstrated that adding milk didn’t considerably affect “the overall bio-accessibility to coffee phenolic acids” using sugar and nondairy creamer did.

From another perspective, adding milk for your coffee or tea has other benefits.  It doesn’t only lead to bone health, however it lowers the temperature from the hot drink, protecting the sensitive tissues from the wind pipe from thermal burns, thus lowering the chance of esophageal malignancies.

Still, if milk isn’t your ‘thing’, steer clear of the non-dairy coffee ‘creamer’ (have you ever checked out the harmful chemicals within the ingredients list?) or soy based products and provide almond milk a go. Give a sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon for your coffee – scrumptious!

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Is Coffee Bad for You?


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