Calories in iced coffee with milk and sugar and diet details

Common Helping Sizes:



1 fl oz


100 g


100 ml


1 vending machine cup


1 coffee cup (6 fl oz)


1 mug (8 fl oz)


1 can (10 fl oz)


Iced Coffee with Cream and Sugar

Iced Coffee with Milk

Iced Coffee with Cream

Iced Coffee with Sugar

Iced Coffee

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Coffee (Made From Grounds)

Latte Coffee

Espresso Coffee

Instant Coffee (produced from Powdered)


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Milk (Free Of Fat or Skim, Calcium Prepared)

Milk (Nonfat with Added Vit A)

Milk (Nonfat with Added Vit A and Nonfat Solids)

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Contains these components:

4 g Milk (dairy)

165 g Water

2 g Coffee (instant powder)

6 g Granulated sugar


Starbucks: My Top 5 Healthy Drinks


Carrie Cox: I work for Starbucks and another tip is to ask for long shots of espresso.These shots use more water and do not taste as strong, but take up more room in the cup; thus, less milk is used when ordering a latte.

Sandy Walker: l

Kirsten Morgan: To make it easier on everyone 🙂 (i put a * by her favorites! \n\nStarbucks:\n\n*Unsweetened Patton tango tea with coconut milk no sweetener easy ice (1 pump of sugar free vanilla)\n1.5 F/2 C/1 P\n\n grande iced coffee with coconut milk no sweetener (add stevia 2/3 packets)\n2.5F/3C/1P(venti) \n1.5F/1.5C/.5P(grande)\n\nGrande Iced skinny lotta with a pump of sugar free vanilla\n0F/12C/7P\n\nGrande iced cafe americano with 3 pumps of sugar free Carmel and 3 Splenda \n0F/3C/0P\n\n*Grande iced skinny caramel macchiato\n1F/18C/10P

sinny: Lano LuLo it's most likely a customized drink, not one that is on their regular menu. but you should still be able to order it.

Kate Rod: Kirsten Morgan ok

mikaila holland: who knew a coffee drink could have 10 grams of protein, I'm sold!!!

Brittany Dawn Fitness: RIGHT?! Soooo good!

Francisca Vargas: Hey girl do you think you can add the drinks to the description box 😊😃🙂 Easy to copy and paste and save for later :)

Brittany Dawn Fitness: It's in there!

R Biamonte: Brittany Dawn Fitness what are the calories for each drink?