Visiting coffee plantation in cuba, vinales

Visiting coffee plantation in cuba, vinales the Maisi Plateau

If you are searching for any place around Vinales, yes, as Cubapordentro suggests, visit the village of Santo Tomas (a location you might like to go anyway, to go to the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas), and get around for directions and/or helpful tips for a nearby coffee orchard. Santo Tomas is 20 km west of Vinales, and without having accommodations vehicle, then better to employ a vehicle/driver during the day.

When you get to Trinidad, there’s lots of coffee grown about 20 km towards the north, all over the village of Topes de Collantes. There’s additionally a beneficio (coffee drying operation) there–you are able to smell it as being you approach the city. In Trinidad it’s not hard to obtain a reasonably-priced taxi to that particular area, and when you and your driver check around a little, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a partner you never know somebody that will happily show you to some coffee farm. Not quite a "plantation," though, as coffee typically isn’t grown on large plantations rather, in small orchards of rarely greater than a couple of hectares–this due largely towards the mountain terrain that florishes. You’ll find these small coffee orchards in each and every mountain chain in Cuba: the Rosarios of Pinar del Rio Province, the Escambrays north of Trinidad, the Baracoas near and especailly east of Baracoa, in whatever individuals mountain tops remain Guantanamo, not to mention, within the Sierra Maestra.

One exception towards the small-scale operations may be the Maisi Plateau within the far northeastern corner of Cuba, where there’s the required altitude permanently coffee (stated to become Cuba’s best) growing on relatively flat ground correctly as being a plateau. There are several quite large coffee-growing operations there.

Visiting coffee plantation in cuba, vinales within the far northeastern

In the last decase, the federal government has provided land titles to thousands of small maqui berry farmers attempting to grow coffee, together with many forms of agrarian support. This is a boon for stated families, particularly if they raise coffee of export quality. Coffee for export should be offered towards the government (as it is the only real exporter), so payment is partly in difficult currency (among the changes made at the start of this decade which greatly elevated the earnings of independent maqui berry farmers.) Coffee for domestic consumption could be offered with the idea to the federal government in order to the general public, like every other farm produce.

Visiting coffee plantation in cuba, vinales and your driver check around



Elvis Vargas: I enjoyed the videos. Im from Somerset NJ. Im actually going to Cuba in two weeks. I have one question…. what type of outlets do they have in Cuba? I will also be shooting a vlog and will need to charge up my cameras. Thank you and hope to here from you soon. I also look forward to seeing more videos from you guys.

Ken & Bru's World: Elvis Vargas hey dude. We are from Northern Jersey as well.. hahaa and don't worry they use American standard power outlets. You should be fine, just ask around for the voltage some may be 220v others 120v. You don't wanna fry ur equipment. Thanks for watching enjoy

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TBone: Can I ask who you organised the Vinales tour with? I'm looking to do something similar but haven't got any firm leads just yet.

Ken & Bru's World: Hey TBone, so the Airbnb host we were staying in Havana had arranged a personal driver for the day plus the horse ride tour. It is way more affordable then actually having a tour agency. I'm sorry, but the only way to go about having the same tour and transportation would be to stay at the same Airbnb. However I'm pretty sure any host u stay with will definitely know how to arrange for you as well.

Tiffany Green: What's the name of that restaurant again? Thanks

Ken & Bru's World: Hey Tiffany Green, the name of the restaurant is "El Balcon Del Vale" its not in the main downtown area of Vinalles its perhaps 5 minutes away from the town, but any driver will know how to take you there. Enjoy and thanks for watching.