This tree might make coffee plantations more lucrative and much more eco seem – modern player

This tree might make coffee plantations more lucrative and much more eco seem - modern player the only crop

Coffee growing is really a serious business—more than eight million tons created every year, using the conveying alone worth over $20 billion—but rising global temperatures have coffee producers worried their crop soon will not have the ability to handle heat.

Coffee is nearly solely grown in hot climates—the top producing countries have been in South Usa, Southeast Asia, and East Africa. Coffee needs individuals warm temperatures, but it is also sensitive, which has growers concerned.

An eight-year study from South america might have develop a solution. About 90% of coffee is currently grown inside a monocropping system, meaning it’s the only crop grown inside a given area. But intercropping—staggering coffee along with other crops—could possess some incredible benefits. The coffee plant is really a plant, fairly low down of all farms, so interspersing  a taller plant or tree could provide some shade to help relieve the coffee through hotter days. When done smartly, intercropping can recharge the soil as well as protect against unwanted pests by employed in tandem.

This tree might make coffee plantations more lucrative and much more eco seem - modern player could possess some

The brand new study arrived on a single tree that appears to reply to all individuals questions and more: the noble macadamia, along with a specific Hawaiian variety appears to suit the bill perfectly. It’s smaller sized canopy, compared with other macadamia varietals, provides the perfect quantity of shade to assist the coffee with the heat during the day, although not enough to possibly impede its growth.


Masquerade | Critical Role RPG Episode 99


David G.: Can we all appreciate Matt's excellent acting as Tary's Dad? That shit was better than most movies.

Loke: 1:10:50\n"I like dicks."\n- Laura Bailey 2017

Caleb B.: [Spoilers] \n\n\n\nOkay so I love Travis. Like I could see him when the meat man was revealed just thinking and thinking. And when he was in the bar taking swings at Lion it started to make sense of why Grog did that. He was jealous because Lion was the meat man's giant and not him! And what makes it even more sad is when he goes by vex and vax and screams "C-A-T CAT." It was because he has improved so much yet it didn't help bring the meat man back and it's killing him on the inside because he misses his friend dearly but feels like he was easily replaced and wants to show how he's better. Travis is a truly brilliant role player! So sad though :(

Pheonix Archer: Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how Percy took the IRL time to learn what makes up TNT enough to know that one of the components is an insecticide.

flint mcroy: Timestamps (spoilers ahead)\n\n0:40 – New t-shirt and announcements\n4:52 – Laura's present (d'aaaww)\n6:39 – let's dive into tonight's episode… of Critical Role\n8:02 – intro ends\n11:08 – and that's where we left off (recap ends)\n12:45 – Tary's idea\n13:12 – Wooosh\n14:50 – A LOT of Ahnkegs\n15:55 – Phrasing\n18:15 – Goodness Gracious\n18:40 – high-power bug spray\n20:15 – Grog's jug of poison\n22:02 – farewell old orc friend\n23:25 – Talesin Jaffe what are you talking about\n23:52 – Pike's idea\n24:10 – Boom Boom Shake Shake the Room\n25:25 – Pike's Pest control\n26:34 – Brand new mine\n27:07 – mission accomplished, lets go\n27:42 – The grumpy lily\n28:53 – Grog looking for some lovin'\n29:15 – talks begin\n30:10 – Introducing Du'alla\n31:10 – scrying\n31:42 – What she sees\n33:10 – The deed\n33:50 – Persuasion check\n34:50 – Tary's not finished\n35:42 – Sweetening the deal\n37:00 – "The more you press"\n38:00 – That's some Moriarty shit right there\n39:00 – leaving the Grumpy Lily\n40:03 -Taryon Darrington: Homeowner!\n40:40 – back at Tary's place\n42:20 – Tary likes his bed\n42:38 – stealth check\n42:55 – "go minxy for me"\n44:08 – memories\n45:27 – Bertholdt's Breakfast Banquet\n47:07 – Marian Darrington\n48:38 – Family meeting\n50:30 – news and proposal (first news)\n52:20 – Death Stare\n52:42 – Holy shit\n53:27 – now the proposal\n54:44 – Tary the Optimist\n55:22 – Howards Retort\n57:00 – What Tary has learned\n58:40 – But wait! There's more\n58:55 – The Darrington Brigade (No way is Howard buying this)\n59:44 – Persuasion check\n1:00:04 – The fates\n1:00:30 – the result (he bought it)\n1:02:05 – a broken man…\n1:03:01 – "I'm sorry"\n1:04:00 – metaphors\n1:05:18 – Howards' Thoughts\n1:09:33 – Tary's decision\n1:10:55 – Phrasing 2\n1:11:50 – Tary has to get his robet\n1:12:00 – they're just hangry\n1:12:50 – Mommy's boy\n1:15:35 – Escape from Brave mountain\n1:17:32 – "The first thing that catches your attention"\n1:18:05 – A Festival?\n1:18:18 – A shopping episode! (poor Travis)\n1:19:25 – The farmers Market \n1:21:17 – "I've heard of you!"\n1:22:55 – potion of tongues \n1:23:42 – A large figure\n1:24:35 – Grog's way out of shopping\n1:24:50 – Here comes a new challenger (Jon Heder)\n1:26:15 – Looking for help\n1:27:50 – THE MEAT MAN COMETH\n1:28:00 – A strange interaction\n1:33:20 – I don't talk to many girls\n1:35:50 – off to meet the Meat Man\n1:37:00 – empty Tavern\n1:37:30 – search for mutton\n1:38:21 – coffers gone\n1:39:00 – The meat man?\n1:40:24 – Investigation check\n1:40:36 – Whispers\n1:41:50 – what he wants\n1:43:23 – What he will trade\n1:45:32 – A very good threat\n1:46:14 – Blonde of hair, Arcane traveler\n1:48:05 – Do you know the meat man?\n1:48:52 – The fate of the first meat man\n1:54:27 – Insight check, Nat 20 and whispers\n1:55:20 – "we know him" Vex follows\n1:55:58 – Vex hug\n1:56:23 – Return of Scanlan!\n1:57:30 – Break starts\n2:01:10 – Fan art (personal Favorite: 2:07:10)\n2:11:38 – Break ends\n2:12:55 – Scanlan pulls vex into an alley\n2:13:15 – hat of disguise comes off\n2:14:32 – Modify Memory\n2:14:44 – Roll initiative\n2:15:40 – What are the odds?\n2:16:18 – The gang finds out\n2:18:18 – Lionel goes to protect Scanlan\n2:19:53 – Scalan's reasoning\n2:22:00 – back into the tavern\n2:22:31 – Sam's way of RP-ing 2 characters at the same time\n2:23:56 – Real talk\n2:24:55 – Scanlan's year\n2:25:40 – Nothin' but abs\n2:27:25 – simple revenge (Idiot's guide to becoming a Mob boss)\n2:29:10 – What Lionel saw\n2:33:00 – sounds like a cult..\n2:35:25 – Seems a bit much\n2:35:43 – The futility of insight checking scanlan\n2:36:55 – Scanlan tells Kaylee about himself\n2:38:37 – Wise words\n2:41:35 – What's Kaylee's Mother's name (for the record it's Sybil)\n2:42:05 – The sound of tiny violins playing for Scanlan's tiny Tragedy\n2:44:43 – Grog not happy\n2:47:00 – Pike and Grog remove their earrings\n2:48:02 – Lionel tags along\n2:49:00 – Grog doesn't like Scanlan's new big guy\n2:51:30 – Bar fight incoming\n2:51:46 – Roll initiative (lionel vs Grog)\n2:54:35 – Happy rage\n2:58:05 – Off a ducks back (Totem of the Duck?)\n2:59:43 – Reverse Pile-driver throw\n3:01:40 – Lionel starts… Grinding on Grog\n3:02:14 – Grog is stunned\n3:04:40 – Wave Kick!\n3:06:02 – Grog's feelings (exit Grog)\n3:07:20 – "anyone else want to fight?"\n3:09:16 – Lionel's Backstory\n3:11:45 – "I don't remember much as a baby"\n3:12:10 – Best Origin Story EVER\n3:13:40 – "That's a continent" (Kiki derp)\n3:14:38 – "A real killer babe" (Scanalan and lionel have a similar taste in women)\n3:15:35 – Boulder, Parchment, shears, with a twist\n3:16:00 – Twin talks\n3:18:40 – it sounds like vex is getting at something\n3:21:40 – A pickled Pickle\n3:22:30 – Boulder!\n3:24:25 – A quick pick\n3:26:40 – That's just nasty\n3:27:45 – Vulcan death pinch\n3:29:04 – "haha that tickled"\n3:30:12 – Tary and Percy flirting\n3:31:00 – surprisingly small amount of collateral\n3:32:37 – Vax and Kiki were going to make an exit\n3:33:33 – Party line\n3:34:04 – Best done in person\n3:35:13 – Duck sense & Commune with ducks\n3:36:12 – Enter the Ducks (some quality duck role-playing to follow)\n3:37:20 – The ducks are all-knowing\n3:38:57 – Scanlan's gratefulness\n3:40:30 – Scanman goes to apologize to Grog\n3:41:10 – Apology not accepted\n3:41:30 – Scanman goes to apologize to Pike\n3:42:06 – The apology\n3:43:06 – Pike's response & Real talk\n3:48:00 – Goodnight Pike\n3:48:33 – "I think she can still hear me"\n3:49:24 – One more adventure for Tary\n3:50:13 – Scanlan returns the Salt rock\n3:50:20 – Scanlan leaves (but not really)\n3:51:10 – The game ends (but not really)\n3:52:00 – Shorties\n3:52:35 – The game ends (for real this time) & post game discussion\n3:54:35 – Is it Thursday yet?\nEDIT – added the rest of the timestamps, hope you critters enjoy, what an episode. (Times fixed)

H.M Ansari: I love when they burst into random yet perfectly synchronised song.

Nathan Mills: Yeah I can totally study for my Dynamics Exam tomorrow while watching Critical Role. Totally not procrastination…

erbgorre: grog spelling out 'CAT' was the saddest thing in 99 episodes of critical role. poor big guy :'(

Cobowsky: Sorry for a possible spoiler\n.\n.\n.\n.\n.\nJust a little thing. Around 2:45:50 Travis whispers to Ashley "I'm gonna kill him"

onlyinthe fandom: I realise this is one of the lesser interesting things that happened this episode but when Vex was heavily implying she had a secret, and Vax just didnt take the bait at all, I was absolutely dying at the looks on Travis and Sams faces. I really want to know this secret, I bet her and Percy got engaged or something?