Rain-tal – coffee plantations

An excellent irrigation way of coffee plantations according to Ein-Tal products continues to be applied.

  • According to Vibro-Spreaders on spikes, go about 1feet within the ground. Water discharge might be created for 35 or 50 L/hr using selected LP (Low Pressure) product which is simple to washOrsubstitute.
  • Even distribution of small water tiny droplets spread over bigger area at greater discharge rate (than drippers). This supports healthy root development. Additionally, it creates micro-climate and offers cooling and humidity that induces good flowering and beans filling.
  • The little tiny droplets work well for slow crumble of organic matter and manure, an essential feature within the subtropics where it just rains 4 from 12 several weeks.
  • Fertilizers could be given through the machine – the vibrations from the Vibro Spreaders prevent its clogging.
  • The technique is relevant for upgrading a current drip lines.
  • More efficient irrigation is achieved using the LP 35 or 50 L/hr types that offer full performance at pressure of just one bar (14 PSI). These items are basically water saving devices.Reported from Zambia: an espresso plantation (27 ha) irrigated with this method produced better crops than another adjacent (33 ha) plantation irrigated by drippers. pdfGet more information at the Reports Text.



Design Method:

The Ein-Tal LP Vibro Spreaders are set up across the rows, each unit is watering two trees, i.e., the spacing between two adjacent trees is two times the spacing between your trees. The particular reference developed in Zambia for any plantation of just one.2m between your trees and three.6m between your rows utilizes a spacing of two.4m between your Vibro Spreaders. Each unit is positioned on standard 40 cm wedge, about 30cm (1 feet) within the ground and connected to PE tube aligned across the rows. There’s also a choice to utilize a 4mm iron fishing rod with this 4mm coupler as an alternative wedge.

Resourse: http://rain-tal.com/en/

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