Coffee plantation tour in huatulco

Coffee plantation tour in huatulco this Huatulco eco

Nestled inside the hills, of a 2 hour drive from Huatulco’s core, this eco tour is a good means of spending your entire day while walking inside the footwear in the more than 100 workers employed here.

A trip to the hills applies to this Huatulco eco tour. The breathtaking views will be regarded part of the tour.

Señor Gomez could be the current owner and operator of Finca El Pacifico. He’s an excellent – happy go lucky – man who’s experienced at his craft.

A typical visit to the plantation includes picking beans within the vast fields on location. Individuals are familiar with seeing the end result that numerous do not understand the beans begin red!

Because this coffee plantation is 100% organic, it is necessary that there is a mass volume of healthy trees on reserve. This is often a typical eco-friendly house where they grow and nurture lots of seedlings anytime.

In relation to organic Huatulco coffee plantations, it’s surprisingly difficult to encounter a traditional working operation. Finca el Pacifico is probably the handful of that could genuinely appear initially sight a functioning plantation, that are still both producing and selling beans.

Your family has elevated the business for over a century, passing it lower from down the family. Presently, the plantation employs more than 100 local workers who assist with one step in the production process.


Finca el Pacifico can be found of a 2 hour drive to the mountain from Huatulco. This may appear as being a rather extended drive however, you’ll quickly identify the drive itself is highly recommended part of the tour.

With amazing views, the drive can literally cause you to inside the clouds, round the right day.


This is often a full day tour after breakfast, you will be selected up and introduced for the plantation. Returning late inside the mid-day/early evening.

Señor Gomez could be the owner who resides within the on-site home along with his family. The plantation has elevated the Gomez family for generations, formerly operated by both his father and grandfather. If you’re lucky, he’ll function as the primary someone to own tour while offering you with inside information on building a plantation. He only speaks Spanish, however, more often than not there’s someone carrying out a tour who’ll translate.

Throughout the tour, you will be offered a traditional Oaxacan meal that’s both prepared and offered inside the family’s home. A unique and experience offered at this coffee plantation tour.

In your visit to the plantation, you will be adopted a measure-by-step tour of how’s it going affected in the typical day’s work:


To begin, workers decide to use the fields at 7am every single day and pick until around 5pm. The fact they might do this daily foretells the volumes of pinto beans on location.

Really, there’s as many as 200,000 coffee trees round the plantation! Managing these tree can be quite the task, especially since Finca el Pacifico is certainly a natural plantation.

Carrying out a century operating a business, they have develop more than a few methods in the trade to handle these challenges. For instance, they’ll use cedar plank plank, bamboo and blueberry trees to behave just like a natural defense and shade for your coffee trees.

Throughout the tour, Señor Gomez gives you the opportunity to taste a completely new beans in the tree. Surprisingly it will likely be to get rather sweet in taste.

After picking the beans, the workers gather their crop and come down for the production room to get processed for export.

Benefico Humido

At the moment the raw pinto beans are dumped in the 100L tank to determine the caliber from the beans. Once the beans sink they are good while once they float, they are bad. The defective beans, is going to be crawled in the surface. This process makes sifting using the a lot of pinto beans much more efficient.

Coffee plantation tour in huatulco Nestled inside the hills

The beans will soak in water for between 30-36 hrs so they possess the opportunity to ferment. A conveyer belt may be used to retrieve and relocated the beans. Since the beans tumble over the belt, they are free from their outer skins going in the beautiful red colors to white-colored-colored.


The beans is going to be laid around the football field-sized concrete pad where they could dry out throughout 5 days. Once the beans have showed up in a 12% degree of humidity, they are going in the white-colored-colored with a more eco-friendly blue.

At the moment the beans are bagged and stored for roughly monthly simply because they wait to get roasted. Within this stage the coffee is known as ‘parchment coffee’.


Before you are roasted, the beans are taken and robotically separated by size. A process needed to be sure the beans are roasted evenly. The beans roast at 100˚C for 30-40 minutes. About 25 kilos of beans are roasted at any time resulting in an finish result weighing around 20 kilos. In any given day the plantation will produce 100-150 kilos of end result.

You can buy the end result to think about home for roughly $20 USD 1 lb.

Future coffee tree

The plantation includes numerous eco-friendly house which keep nursing seedlings. When the trees are adequately sized, they are then transplanted for the fields. A process implemented to ensure there’s a proper crop money for hard times.

This truly is certainly a geniune coffee plantation tour a factor that, as pointed out above, is difficult to find nowadays. Many other places boast of being a functioning coffee plantation, during fact, they are simply ‘for show’.

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Visiting A Coffee Plantation In Mexico Deep In The Oaxacan Jungle


Laura Ochoa: Why didn't you show when when families work so hard to collect the coffee from the plants? that part is the most beautiful and is extremelly hard work! You have to show that indigenous people SE PARTEN LA MADRE to bring coffee to you and friends!

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