Sand creek massacre – november 29, 1864 –

Sand creek massacre - november 29, 1864 - the military and

Relating to this day in 1864, peaceful Southern Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians are massacred having a range of Colonel John Chivington’s Colorado volunteers at Sand Creek, Colorado.

What can cause the Sand Creek massacre were rooted inside the extended conflict for control of the fantastic Plains of eastern Colorado. The Fort Laramie Agreement of 1851 guaranteed possession in the area north in the Arkansas River for the Nebraska border for the Cheyenne and Arapahoe. However, with the finish in the decade, waves of Euro-American miners flooded within the region searching for gold in Colorado’s Rocky Hills, placing extreme pressure round the sources in the arid plains.By 1861, tensions between new settlers and Indians were rising. On February 8 of the year, a Cheyenne delegation, headed by Chief Black Kettle, with a few Arapahoe leaders, recognized a completely new settlement with the federal government. The Native Americansceded a lot of their land but guaranteed a 600-square mile reservation and award payments. The delegation reasoned that ongoing hostilities would jeopardize their bargaining power. Inside the decentralized political arena of the tribes, Black Kettle and also the fellow delegates symbolized only part of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe tribes. Many did not accept this latest agreement, referred to as Agreement of Fort Wise.

The completely new reservation and Federal payments shown unable to sustain the tribes. Through the Civil War, tensions again rose and sporadic violence began between Anglos and Indians. In June 1864, John Evans, governor in the territory of Colorado, attempted to isolate recalcitrant Indians by inviting “friendly Indians” to camp near military forts and receive provisions and protection. Also, he referred to as for volunteers to fill the military void left when a lot of the regular army troops in Colorado were sent to areas through the Civil War. In August 1864, Evans met with Black Kettle and lots of other leaders to forge a completely new peace, and many types of parties left satisfied. Black Kettle moved his band to Fort Lyon, Colorado, where the commanding officer encouraged him to look near Sand Creek. Using what is only able to be regarded an action of treachery, Chivington moved his troops for the plains, and also on November 29, they attacked the unsuspecting Indians, scattering men, women, and youngsters and hunting them lower. The casualties reflect the primary one-sided nature in the fight. Nine of Chivington’s men were easily wiped out 148 of Black Kettle’s supporters were slaughtered, over half of those as well as children. The Colorado volunteers returned and easily wiped the wounded, mutilated the physiques, and hang up fire for the village.

The atrocities committed with the soldiers were initially recognized, however condemned since the conditions in the massacre emerged. Chivington resigned within the military and aborted his budding political career. Black Kettle survived and continuing his peace efforts. In 1865, his supporters recognized a completely new reservation in Indian Territory.


Colorado Experience: Sand Creek Massacre


nativemrv19722: Murdering Bastards! And they said we were Savages!?!

Magnum B: White Devils.the biggest terrorists in the history of the world

Nadine Miller: I was profoundly moved by this video and information. So tragic these events. This video will be an instrument in teaching history and helping to facilitate healing. Thank you for sharing this… Nadine

Jennifer Huether: Thank you so much for putting this documentary together.  It was well done and should be watched by all.  I'm so sorry for your loss and recognize how much you need to heal.  I applaud your quiet and peaceful ways for trying to bring this to our attention.  The atrocities and unjust put on your people should be acknowledged, recognized and rectified.  I'm grateful I have this information to share with my own children so they will know the pain and suffering you have gone through.  Their hearts will be bigger because of it. 

Al Davis: I grew up 60 miles from the Sand Creek Massacre, hunted artifacts at the location in the 1960's. Heard about it through the old people, nothing in history class. I was born 50 miles away from the Washita River Massacre in Oklahoma by Custer. I heard all about Custer at the Big Horn but nothing about Washita. I learned at 16 years public schools, private schools teach the Western History and its merits but nothing of others history, but  truth will always be told, people just must listen and learn. Hopefully the internet and things like you tube will spread knowledge and our civilization may possibly survive. Hopefully, other wise we are doomed.

Philippe of Haiti: America is nothing but a nation of demonic, violent savages. I actually wept while watching this, no joke. The soldiers who did this to the peaceful Indians are no different than the French pig-bastards under Rochambeau who ripped us apart by dogs and drowned us 60 years earlier.

Brandon Veach: It's no wonder the Cheyenne never, and still don't, trust the american government. The Cheyennes opposition to the American government has it's consequences that are still evident today…poverty, alcoholism, etc etc.  But they are a proud people rich in culture, history and tradition. The Cheyenne have historically resisted coal development on their land due to the cultural significance of their land. If that aint loyalty and honor, then I don't know what is.

imabee2010: I will go back to Colorado again but with a different way of looking at this . It has also helped me think of other things in a better light. \nThank you to the Cheyenne people .

Han Solo: We wanted nothing but peace and this is what we get? Who is the real savage? It's the pale man.

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