Baseballs, sand, coffee, & existence


To keep the theme of success, I believed I’d share much-loved story from October. A great indication in what is most critical around.

When things within your existence appear almost a lot of to cope with, when 24 hrs each day is not enough, can remember the mayonnaise jar and a pair of portions of coffee.

A professor was before his philosophy class along with some products before him. When the course began, wordlessly, he selected up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and fills it with baseballs.

He then requested students once the jar was full. They agreed it was subsequently.

The professor then selected up a box of pebbles and set it to the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles folded to the open areas involving the baseballs.

He then requested students again once the jar was full. They agreed it absolutely was.

The professor next selected up a box of sand and set it to the jar. Clearly, the sand chock-full other things.

He requested once more once the jar was full. Students responded getting a unanimous “YES”.

The professor then produced two portions of coffee from beneath the table and set the entire contents to the jar, effectively filling the empty space involving the sand. Students chuckled.

“Now,” mentioned the professor, since the laughter subsided, “I would love you to understand this jar represents your existence. The baseballs will be the important things – God, family, children, health, buddies, and favorite passions. Things, when other things was lost and merely they ongoing to become, your existence could be full. The pebbles are stuff that matter such as your job, house, and vehicle. The sand is other things — the small stuff.” he mentioned.

“If you set the sand to the jar first,” he ongoing, “There is not any room for your pebbles or perhaps the baseballs. You need to existence. In the event you spend all your time and energy round the small stuff, you will not ever fit stuff that are crucial to you…” he stated excitedly.

“So… take serious notice from the items that are essential for your happiness. Worship with your family. Enjoy your children. Take the partner to dinner. Hang out with good buddies. There’s always time to clean the house and fasten the dripping tap. Take proper proper care of the baseballs first — stuff that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”

One of the students elevated her hands and requested just what the coffee symbolized.

The professor smiled and mentioned, “I’m glad you requested. It really proves you it doesn’t matter how full your existence may seem, there’s always room for any couple of portions of coffee getting a buddy.Inches

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Homemade Turkish Coffee on Sand


Vernon682: Such an interesting texture… I never seen a coffee like that in my life!

Johan Malmlöf: +Vernon682 One of the reasons is because the turkish grinding is extremely fine. You have to use a special machine that grinds the beans to an extremely fine powder.

加藤みずっち: what kind of sorcery is this

Nguyen Pham: +須田みずほ wat MAGIC is this????

peaelle42: black magic…

CoonShoot: This is pretentious. It's one thing using sand for controlled heat over an open fire, it's another to be fancy shmancy over a controlled heat like an electric or gas stove.

Cole G: I'm assuming this method is quite archaic. Nothing fancy shmancy. Actually I just google this technique goes back to the 15th century and earlier times. It explains a lot.

Darold Dickey: I think you might be missing something in the process of heating the coffee.\n\nWhat is going on is the water needs to "not quite boil" if it boils you have burned it. The froth you are seeing is just before the boil. This is a delicate an precise temperature that may be different depending on altitude. \n\n An expert may be able to adjust the heat of the burner to not "burn" the turkish coffee and adjust for a specific burner accordingly. Any amature can see the froth and reduce the heat quickly enough using the sand method no matter the heat source or altitude.\n\nThe sand method is so far from pretentious based on the expertise needed to make this coffee. I would think just the opposite. I did first have turkish coffee from a guy who held the pot over an open flame and wiggled it about as he studied it. It took ten minutes for him to make four tiny cups. They were so good, I felt it was worth it, the time it took to make them made me think the price wasn't high enough.\n\nThe next time (and every other time) I see this sand method. It takes a few seconds to make four tiny cups. You want a large american cup of this stuff? Your gonna want the sand method because it is fast and easy not pretentious at all.

Kiumars Gurani: Turks are stupid

ramboanime: +Kiumars Irani\nNo, not from media… I may not know the whole truth I know but not everything I'm saying is a lie. Iran may not be arab but it was conquered by arabs and you guys do share cultural similarities. That a lot of people are against islam? sure but islam still the official religion of Iran.\n\nI may not know what's going on there but I can still know things.