What’s the coffee machine?

It didn’t take extended for your comments in the video to get completely filled with references for the coffee machine. Although the reference originated on SourceFedNERD, Elliott Morgan ensured to include it inside an official SourceFed report, and so they ongoing to reference it on SourceFedNERD for approximately each week. People started deploying it inside the comments of other YouTube videos, and there is also a handful of images appearing online:

What is that a coffee machine?What is that a coffee machine?What is that a coffee machine?

Naturally, getting seen its rising recognition, it didn’t take extended for DeFranco Corporation. (the business behind SourceFed) to make a T-shirt on ForHumanPeoples while using tagline “Keep Calm and… What’s the coffee machine?In .:


It’s expected you will notice more videos online just around the corner with references for the statement, especially as Google searches for the old saying rapidly elevated in September:

Resourse: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/

The Perfect Coffee Machine For Home


mario villanueva: 2000 $ you forgot to mention that.. I wish I could afford it but come on, you can get a cheaper machine and still get a perfectly brewed espresso, you're concentrating too much on the machine, the are other more impotent aspects to coffee art

MadMan: same.

John Doe: the trouble is for the money it will not last as long as the Proper Italian Machines FACT . DON'T WAST YOUR MONEY BUT A MACHINE THAT CAN BE FIXED UNLIKE THIS PRESSED PLASTIC

Edgar Karam: this is an expensive appliance that is not designed for durability. The parts are proprietary and most probably cannot be sourced outside warranty. I have just thrown out a dual boiler Breville given to me for that reason. parts were to expensive to replace even without Labor cost as you would be half way or more towards a new machine. for the same money, Italian machine with semi commercial components can be had treat will serve for more than 20yrs.

LindySellsHomes: You should have a link for the machine, would be so helpful.

Paddy&Scott'sCoffee: Hi lindy, thanks for the suggestion we will be adding the link shortly. Here is one for your personal use,\nhttp://www.sageappliances.co.uk/the-oracle.html\nThanks for watching

Phyllis Lane: Paddy&Scott'sCoffee

joeyy17: I'm not trying to sound rude here, but the whole video I thought a male looking lesbian woman was narrating the video.

urbanelemental: I love my Oracle.

Paddy&Scott'sCoffee: It is an amazing machine! ☕