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Inside the competitive foodservice industry, coffee can be a business-critical part of your operation.

Coffee Machines

Customer loyalty is often produced by offering a consistently great cup of joe, yet you are also challenged with handling the expense.

Recipe inconsistencies, equipment lower some time to service calls all threaten customer happiness and earnings, 3M Purification is on hands to provide water purification solution for the needs.

98% from the cup of joe includes water – therefore it seems sensible that for nice-tasting coffee, you need to start with pure water. Meaning using Water Purification from someone you are able to depend on.

3M have specific coffee filters and systems designed to tackle any issue you may have along with your way to obtain water.

For calcium within the water areas we have ScaleGard® Pro products out of your ScaleGard® Pro range, H+ range or possibly in new P1175 Series, for defense against bacteria and for filtering out undesirable tastes and odours there’s our Brew HF range. Then there’s our SGLP2-BL RO and TFS450 RO (ro) systems, which remove 96% or lots of total dissolved solids (TDS).

Additionally for this, we have sizes to deal with from the littlest independent cafes to larger high-street chains with greater volumes.

To uncover how Ro perform for that coffee machine give us a call

  • Scale Reduction
  • Pool water taste and odour removal

Scale Reduction

Scale can Increase costs due to equipment downtime and failures, reduce efficiency in coffee production, produce bad quality tasting products minimizing your coffee machines existence.

To reduce and hinder scale formation 3M gets the right filtration solution to suit your needs:

  • The ScaleGard Pro Range, a disposable system that forestalls hard scale developing, stopping unnecessary downtimes and repair calls.
  • The Brew HF range, to reduce pool water taste and odour, hinder scale minimizing sediment.
  • SGLP2-BL Ro system, gives you the opportunity to "dial in" your needed water hardness for the perfect cup of joe.

Pool water taste and odour removal

Pool water is considered the most typical complaints of taste and odour of regular faucet water. Activated carbon offers a simple and easy , efficient way to lessen pool water from water. Activated carbon can also be proficient at removing other water taints for instance taste and odours introduced on by trace levels of organics in water, that could reason behind example earthy, chemical taints.

All activated carbons will not function as the same and 3M offers a number of high finish carbon based systems for pool water, taste and odour reduction. Either by utilizing novel, unique carbon block technology or connected with this pharmaceutical membranes they provide market leading performance for your reduction in pool water, taste and odour, sediment, cyst and bacteria,

3M offers pool water taste and odour removal in many products for mains given water coolers, postmix and ice machines, Coffee, Vending machines and steamers as well as for water purification in your house.


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