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China has extended been, based on its history, a tea drinker country. More than 2700 years BC in China, the mythical emperor was known as Emperor in the Five Grains also referred to as Shennong, discovered accidently the tasty flavour of teas each time a Camellia tree leaf fell and infused within the hot water cup. Tea was useful for medicinal purposes, then for art which is now consumed each day through the chinese.


It’s obvious the new drink market in China is principally filled by Tea market shares. As you possibly can say see available below within the Worldwide Coffee Organization report and Euromonitor Data, coffee sales only consider about 10% in the whole market while 45% of hot drinks sales (shops) concentrate on coffee cups.

In line with the Coffee Worldwide Organization, in 2014, coffee consumption remains growing 16% every year from 2004 to 2014 and showed up at almost 2 numerous bags of coffee in 2014. China is becoming regarded as the 17th largest coffee market worldwide about 5/6 portions of coffee consumed every year couple of years ago.

The retail coffee market has extended been driven by instant coffee products that constitute of 99% in the market in China pointed out with the Euromonitor report. A maximum of 1% are pinto beans products. This premium coffee is consumed with a few Chinese consumers. In 2015, instant coffee sales elevated by 3% in comparison with 6% the last many even 11% this season.

The main player inside the instant coffee companies are Nestlé getting a business of 72%. Beginners have became a member of industry but Nestlé still leads the game due to its development of Nespresso in China. Pinto beans marketplace will probably grow by 17% ( CAGR – volume) this year.

Even though the coffee retail companies are saturated round the instant coffee side, you can still find plenty of options for cafes and fresh coffee brands. According to Euromonitor, coffee cups consumption increases by 18% every year from today until 2019.


China coffee market remains growing these past few years. A lof of investment continues to be produced in China by foreign brands. Yunnan province, situated in the western world China could be the favourite place to create coffee. Really, 95% in the in your town produced coffee is found in this province. The province even created the Yunnan Coffee Exchange association which reported a great investment of 480 million USD by 2024. The main objectives is to help coffee maqui berries maqui berry farmers, expand the plantation lands and improve coffee planting conditions. Also, Brands for instance Nestlé and Starbucks created coffee factories inside the Yunnan Province and do a lot of their production there.

While using rise in the Chinese middle-class plus an overall higher quality lifestyle, cafes are actually opening numerous new stores throughout China. Which, whatever the price of just one coffee cup that amounted to around 30 RMB. It comes down to 3 occasions the price of the nice and cozy eco-friendly tea cup purchased in a glass or more store outdoors.

An analyst from Bmi Research (London, Uk) given to Feet newspaper, that “the Western lifestyle wil attract to all or any individuals upper- and middle-class urban consumers.” The main cafes in China are Starbucks, Costa Coffee (Whitbread), UBC, McDonald’s, and C Straits Cafe. A fourth in the companies are occupied by other smaller sized sized cafes. Starbucks could be the leader in the market with 31.5% business in 2013. It must be noted that lots of these cafes chains are available in big and middle-sized urban centers in China. Rural areas are regrettably enjoying less rise in earnings and so are less familiar with foreign lifestyle trends.

STARBUCKS, The Best Option In The MARKET

Starbucks, an international American coffee chain by getting an amazing history, opened up up its first store in Dallas in 1971. By June 2015, you’ll find 22,519 Starbucks cafes all over the world. For China, it is the home more than 2,000 shops within 100 urban centers in Chila. The Ceo of Starbucks, Howard Schultz announced the month of the month of january this year while visiting China that it’s company will open 500 new stores yearly by 2021. This could double of Starbucks outlets in China.

For Costa Coffee, an british coffee shop brand, they are preparing to 900 more stores by 2020 in China inducing the presence of 1344 shops by 2020 in China.

How did they realize success? The main reason behind the success of those foreign brands is that they understood how a Chinese market works. There’s a powerful presence on Chinese social media and adapted their menu to Chinese tastes. In Starbucks for example, there’s additionally a Macha Tea Frappucino. There is also a social media account on Sina Weibo, most likely the most crucial social media platforms in China exceeding 222 million active users. The organization is actually named “Papa Star” (xing ba ba -星爸爸) by their 127,000 WeiBo supporters. As you have seen within the image below they fight to have interaction their supporters by contacting them. “Do you would like strawberry ? Lime ? Chocolate? Comment beneath the frappuccino you would like !”

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