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Double double? We have always had a fresh pot on.

Specialty Hot Beverages

Niche Hot Beverages

Purchase certainly one of Tims Café Favorites.



Did someone say breakfast sandwich?

Snacks and Baked Goods

Snacks and Baked Goods

Always fresh baked snacks for just about any occasion. Like now.



Bagged or steeped, there’s always here we are at a cuppa.

Specialty Cold Beverages

Niche Cold Beverages

Awesome served by a global famous Iced Capp and much more.

Sandwiches and Hot Bowls

Sandwiches and Hot Bowls

Made fresh and made to satisfy.

New Tastes

New Tastes

What’s new at the local Tims? Discover.

Tims At Home

Tims In Your Own Home

Benefit from the Tims Hortons taste you like in your own home!

Cold Stone

Cold Stone

All of us scream for Cold Stone frozen treats.

Nutrition & Wellness

Diet & Wellness

Uncover what adopts every scrumptious bite and sip.

Resourse: http://timhortons.com/us/en/shop/

Undertale Tem Shop Glitch Hop Remix Extended 1 Hour Seamless


Derpy Linkiplier: *WOA!!\n*thas ALOT o mins…\nMy first 1080p 60fps vid!

Wilford Warfstache: hoI And wELcOme tO DA TEam sHOp

Marzia Dorathea: the beat dropped harder than my grades

lolweelol: It didn’t drop as hard as durv’s channel.

Ivy Taff: You and me both:)

temmie The tem: Uhhhhhhhhh\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIt’s me

Malla Zoska: The Pacifist ….\n”The pacifist”

TrainerTale Sans: Hi Temmie ^-^ Gives temmie flakes

GeckoLicko: 352 floweys disliked this, 15,268 temmies liked this

Wilford Warfstache: Ink Sans hi inky!