Methods to enhance instant coffee? – tested

Produced by atomic_dumpling on March 15, 2012, 6:30 p.m.

  • atomic_dumpling6 years backHello fellow coffee-buddies,

    I lately moved and switched to instant coffee (yeah, I understand) for simplicities sake. It's great, however i question should there be any neat fast and dirty (preferably cheap) methods to boost the moment coffee experience. Presently I simply go practically black having a sugar:coffee ratio of approximately 1:3. I believed like mixing the coffee granules along with other things like cinnamon. Any ideas?

  • adoggz6 years back@atomic_dumpling: avoid using instant coffee?
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  • erinfizz6 years back@atomic_dumpling:

    I particularly like mixes in the Asian market near me such as this Vinacafe or Nescafe 3 in 1. They're premeasured packets with coffee, creamer and sugar.

    Otherwise, I sometimes give a pinch of cacao or chai seasoning (that is from your Indian grocery I believe, it's clearly said to be put into unspiced tea).

  • atomic_dumpling6 years backYeah, I've plenty of cacao her. I believe I'll give that the shot, beginning having a 1:1 mix and dealing my in place (or lower) after that. I guess to create this actually work I want a respectable amount of milk, too, since i prefer cacao created using milk.
  • Crocio6 years backS-sugar? Otherwise, just don't dilute it an excessive amount of and that is all you are able do.
  • Forte6 years backTry Starbucks Via. I believe that stuff is the greatest instant coffee.
  • TheClap6 years backWhiskey?
  • Organicalistic_6 years back@atomic_dumpling:
    the press
  • atomic_dumpling6 years back@Forte stated:
    " Try Starbucks Via.  I believe that stuff is the greatest instant coffee. "Yeah well, residing in Germany causes it to be a little bit hard to get hold of that, but appreciate the suggestion. Frankly, I did not realize that there is any significant diversity with instant coffee besides "mild" and "might kill you".
  • Twitch6 years back@atomic_dumpling if this sounds like much more of a factor to shorten a morning routine I recommend making your personal instant coffee. @will did an excellent vid around the toddy where he earned concentrate. You could do this it around the weekend and also have potentially tasty instant coffee all week. Personally, i perform a super strong coffee and chicory merge a French press every couple of days and do a double edged sword coffee on part water within the A.M. french press save room and time.
  • Fripplebubby6 years back@Forte stated:
    " Try Starbucks Via. I believe that stuff is the greatest instant coffee. "I have heard both good and bad reasons for it. Perhaps a certain @Will Cruz could perform a little taste test, in order to listen to it from the man who's well experienced about them?
  • Viderian6 years back@Fripplebubby stated:
    " @Forte stated:
    " Try Starbucks Via. I believe that stuff is the greatest instant coffee. "I have heard both good and bad reasons for it. Perhaps a certain @Will Cruz could perform a little taste test, in order to listen to it from the man who's well experienced about them? " Yes! Will must test this and tell us.
  • atomic_dumpling6 years back

    Little update: I attempted the cacao factor today also it sampled … like someone put cacao in coffee. Not revolting or anything, although not particularly great, either. I will switch in the order some, maybe it'll really make a difference. I attempted coffee -> cacao -> some milk -> warm water, however i think cacao -> milk -> warm water -> coffee could produce a much better result.

  • IrishCoffee6 years backCacao isn't gonna fix your condition. It certainly is just gonna taste like cacao put into your coffee.

    The very best suggestion would be to pre-season your instant coffee. I believe someone already recommended chai seasoning and that's really fantastic for masking the flavour that's instant coffee. Clearly you want it just a little sweet (together with your 1:3 ratio) so might I would recommend, as you are already lower the rabbit hole, obtaining some Hazelnut creamer (you heard right I made use of the C word) and merely as a tiny bit of it for your coffee in the finish of the process.

  • minorinya6 years backWith all of intentions of giving advice: try (non-electric) drip coffee? It isn't instant coffee, however i think it is quite convenient. Buy pre-grounded espresso beans for convenience a couple of spoons in to the filter put into the container, add a little bit of water, mix it a little for any minute (therefore it oxidizes), pour a cup's price of water within the container. Coffee!

    Hope I am not further pissing you off…

  • gunslinger6 years backIf coffee is simply too complicated/time intensive why not just drink tea? I do not think there's a method to enhance the taste of instant coffee without totally masking the coffee flavour to start with. I have never been a drinker of instant since french press coffee is nearly as quick.

    In case you really do not have time for you to brew why not try the cold brew coffee Will tested a few days back? You can brew it on Sunday after which have concentrated coffee to create tasty cups through the week.

  • mangomonger6 years backvanilla essence is wat i add more often than not. if u do not like vanilla u can invariably try other flavours
  • Evelgest6 years backUh, flavored creamers? With sufficient of this in coffee, every time they visit anything taste great.
  • atomic_dumpling6 years backMeanwhile, I switched from by previous "mild" blend to some "strong" blend and it is a definite improvement. Without adding sugar I'd most likely get cardiac arrest.
  • retwakm5 years back

    Whenever I drink instant coffee, It's my job to use a little bit of milk and add cinnamon. The cinnamon is really a existence saver also it really helps hide the nasty flavor that the majority instant coffee may have. I additionally discover that cacao or hot cocoa powder works good too however it till take a great deal to operate.

  • Ben_H5 years back

    @gunslinger stated:

    If coffee is simply too complicated/time intensive why not just drink tea?

    This really is my recommendation too. I have been consuming lots of tea recently and that i almost prefer it to coffee now.

  • Shivoa5 years back

    Teas are great (although as being a Brit, I suppose I can not really not in favor of all individuals many years of pro-tea indoctrination – it can be terrible, however they warped my fragile youthful mind to consider it is good) however with the Aeropress and pre-ground, it requires longer awaiting tea to stew of computer gives have non-instant coffee. There actually is no excuse for that freeze-dried dying of real coffee taste that's instant when you are able just spoon in certain ground real stuff, stir, plunge, and drink.

  • MikkaQ5 years back

    Yeah I've found my bodum so simple to use, just place in boiling water, stir, wait 4 minutes, then bam you have coffee. Can't observe how one extra step-above instant coffee is not well worth the extra taste. Takes a few minutes in the idea to coffee in hands, that's pretty immediate for me personally.

    Should you insist upon instant coffee and wish to improve it, I suggest copious levels of Bailey's or rum. Just… whatever needs doing to drown the taste.

  • AlexW00d5 years back

    Basically ever want coffee in your own home I simply make use of a cafetiere. It requires no more of computer gives make instant, when i can't drink ~ninety degree coffee anyway, therefore the time that it would decide to try awesome it's time it requires to brew.

  • getz5 years back

    @TheClap stated:


  • atomic_dumpling5 years back

    Meanwhie, I received my on the job a cheapo coffee maker and solved the problem this way.